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welcome, mate
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Welcome to A Pirate's Life. Current layout features Jack - or more accurately, Jack with his hands tied. We liked the line in Pirates of the Caribbean where Jack says 'I know... clap him in irons, right?' and so decided to take a shot of that scene and use it for this layout.

What the bleeding hell is this layout, you ask? Well, it's very simple: you have come across a Pirates clique. Like/love/obsessive-compulsively worship the movie, the actors or the characters? You're certainly among good company. But the point is, this is where we all get together to show our love, support, and willingness to have Johnny or Orlando's babies. You can pick a code and put it on your site to show your support. Got an online journal? Show us what you're thinking and where you're venting it. Don't have a site at all? Just wear the button of Pirateness proudly!

Pirates of the Caribbean belongs to Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Site itself belongs to Enn. Pilfer me stuff and you be condemned to wear The Bodice.